Screw It

The dilemma of being a one man wine shop: Should my inventory, predominantly, reflect my own tastes or should it be built on my expectations of what customers will ask for? In other words, do I attempt to satisfy the existing tastes of the customers walking in the door, keeping an ear out for customer preferences - I do want them to be happy with their purchase, after all - and an eye out for what sells in other stores in my community? Or, do I attempt to influence and gently guide my customers’ tastes to new and (in my opinion) more exciting and more profoundly satisfying experiences with wine, forging ahead with self-trust and thus perhaps becoming a destination store for others seeking such experiences? Do I let commerce or my emotional connection to the wines guide me? In the 11 weeks since opening Dirty Bacchus, I’ve chosen the latter path - with confidence, determination and probably less caution than is warranted. Wish me luck!

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