COS, Pithos Blanco

COS, Pithos Blanco


Wine Maker: Giusto Occhipinti

Vintage: 2018

Country: Italy

Appellation: Sicily

Grapes: Grecaixico, Dorato

Soil: Red soil of medium consistency; made up of subalpine sands composed of limestone and silica.

Farming: Certified Organic, BIO

S02: minimal

Tasting Notes: Aged in clay, amphora, apricot, honey, orange peel, bit dry. Loads of volcanic, universality, some cooking spices, yeast, nuts




About the process


Spontaneous fermentation lasting ten to fifteen days in amphorae on the skins with indigenous yeast. The 2018 vintage remained in contact with the skins for seven months in amphora. Aged in amphorae for seven months followed by three months in the bottle before release. Pithos Bianco (and Rosso) spend about 240 days on the skins in amphora. Pithos is the Greek word for amphora.


About the Winemaker 


"... As a goal, Giusto seeks to have the transparency of the soil conveyed into the wines themselves. To that end, he did extensive research on aging vessels and eventually decided on a combination of 440-liter clay amphorae sourced from Spain along with a collection of large neutral botti and also concrete tanks (latter mostly for the Frappato). The clay is porous like oak but has the advantage that it imparts less flavor to the wine than does even large, old casks. All aging at the winery is done in one of these vessels. Stainless steel is only used for assembling the wine prior to bottling. For many of the wines, the juice remains in contact with the skins for extended periods, even for whites. Giusto feels these extended macerations help the wine obtain natural preservatives which in turn allows them do the aging and élévage with little or no added Sulphur until the bottling when there is only a small addition."


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