Jigsaw Wine Company, Pinot Noir

Jigsaw Wine Company, Pinot Noir


Wine Maker: Tad Seestedt// Ransom Wine Co & Distillery 

Vintage: 2017 

Country: USA Oregon

Appellation: Willamette Valley

Grape: Pinot Noir


Farming: Organic

S02: minimal 

Tasting Notes: Classic black cherry and sarsaparilla with a lively palette of black raspberries and cooking spice. Velvety tannins



About the Winemaker


Jigsaw Wine Company felt there was a need for "Pinot for the People." Their mission is to consistently deliver a delicious, food-friendly and thoughtful Pinot Noir that is true to the grape variety, respectful to the vineyard sites of the region in which it is grown, and affordable to more people for drinking on a regular basis with family and friends. Salut!