La Clarine Farm, B-Sides

La Clarine Farm, B-Sides


Wine Maker: Hank Beckmeyer and Caroline Hoel 

Vintage: 2017

Country: USA, California

Appellation:  Sierra Foothills

Grapes: Mourvedre, Syrah

Soil:  Volcanic Loam 

Farming: Biodynamic

S02: Minimal 

Tasting Notes: Funky, earth, black fruits, tobacco and cheese! And despite this profile on the palate, very easy drinking.



About the process

This Mourvedre and Syrah duo came about after I had blended together my 2017 Funky Drummer. I had several lots of really delicious wine that didn’t make that blend, so, taking my cue from the musical inspiration already in the air, I decided the A-side cut (Funky Drummer) needed a B-Side.


The Mourvèdre comes from a plot at 2900’ near Camino, CA, on volcanic loam soil. This is a young-ish vine plot that previously went into our Jambalaia Rouge blend. Bright, full of energy, with a slight autumnal feel to the wine.

The Syrah is from Sumu Kaw, also on volcanic soils at 3000'. These vines are mature, and lend a bit of gravitas to the blend, helping to anchor the wine and showing lovely flashes of smoke and soil. Everything was whole cluster fermented and aged in tank.