La Garagista, In a Dark Country Sky

La Garagista, In a Dark Country Sky


Wine maker: Diedre Heekin

Vintage: 2019

Country: USA 

Appellation: Barnard, Vermont

Grape: Maquette


Farming: Biodynamic

S02: None added

Tasting Notes: “This one is bright, fruity, spicy, young with vibrant acidity. We like this one with a little chill and served with food”- Diedre.



About the process

This one is bright, fruity, spicy. Young with vibrant acidity, we like it with a little chill and served with food when you want a light summer red that drinks like a white. If you prefer a more quiet acidity, we recommend laying this one down for a few more months, or five years. In A Dark Country Sky: Taurus—one of the oldest constellations named in the early Bronze Age, and full of supernovas and meteor showers—sits in the winter sky, where once it marked the location of the sun during the spring equinox and the birth of a new season. Mythology called Taurus loyal and courageous. This wine, like Taurus, is a testament to the perseverance and resilience of our alpine vines, to their fruit and whole clusters that shine like sister stars, and to the heart of the earth that infuses them.

Wild yeast
No added sulfites
Grown on clay and limestone


About the Winemaker


Our mission is to care for our land in creative and natural ways, make way for the honest narrative told by the wines and ciders that express our unique landscape and each vintage year, and share in and support the spirited food and agriculture of our community.

We began creating La garagista Farm + Winery, this farmstead landscape, in 1999 with first efforts at restaurant gardens, as the sister and backbone to our long-standing osteria pane e salute which ran for twenty years in the village of Woodstock, Vermont; the winery opened its doors in 2010 with the first vintage. We closed the restaurant in 2017 in order to focus our attention solely on the farm and winery and our pop-up projects. Deirdre Heekin is winegrower, organizer, writer, photographer, flower farmer, would-be designer. Caleb Barber is gardener, cook, designer, builder, mechanic, factotum, philosopher, farm manager. Camila, the assistant winegrower, is grower, organizer, creator, systems manager, right hand. We are farmers. Just like the garden spills into the vineyard, and the roses spill into the orchard, we always have a flow of creative people who lend their skills, thoughts, and energy to the project at hand whether its pruning, planting new vines, turning new beds, or harvesting. For them, we are forever thankful.


– Deirdre Heekin & Caleb Barber