Lammidia, Rosh

Lammidia, Rosh


Wine Maker: Marco Giuliani, David Dear

Vintage: 2019

Country: Italy

Appellation: Abruzzo

Grapes: Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

Soil: Clay, limestone

Farming: Biodynamic, Organic, No Intervention

S02: Minimal

Tasting Notes: Another walk on the wild side from these experimental winemakers. Looking for something zippy and unusual? Here it is.



About the process

Whole cluster, spontaneous fermentation in cement with indigenous yeasts, pigéage for a week



About the Winemaker

We have been friends since we are 3 years old , since kindergarten. We grew up together, then we took different paths; we met at the time of university and, from there, we started our journey in the world of wine.

Initially participating in fairs and tastings , then attending the cellars of natural winemakers; observing their way of seeing life and their relationship with nature, we understood that it was possible to live differently than we had thought up to then.

After a few years of professional experience in different worlds  (some in construction, some in consultancy), we have decided to radically change our lives and embark on this crazy, but wonderful journey .

We do not rely on any agronomist, oenologist or external technician ; all our choices are the result of our research and unstoppable curiosity to experiment with new things . Study, comparison with other winemakers, tests, experiments, errors (many), summarized by self-criticism and common sense, have led us to the current results and a path of continuous improvement.

As a general approach, in all transformation processes, from the earth, to the plant, to the grapes, to the wine, we try to intervene as little as possible, preserving the natural evolution of nature.