Las Jaras Glou Glou

Las Jaras Glou Glou


Wine Maker: Joel Burt, Eric Wareheim

Vintage: 2019

Country: USA, California

Appellation: Mendocino County

Grape: Carignan, Zinfandel, Valdiguie, Charbono 

Soil: Sandy loam, clay

Farming: Organic

S02: Minimal 

Tasting Notes: No joke here! Round and plummy with both expressive complexity and gluggable drinkability. Deeply flavourful. Glou Glou is the kind of light red that tastes like sparkles and bright, summer fruit. It has enough acid to stand up to your favorite pasta and tomato sauce, with intense berry notes that can perfectly complement a smoky, tangy BLT. Serve slightly chilled.

Pairing: Glou Glou and Pizza. Or Nonna Sauce pasta. Serve slightly chilled and paired the garlic and spicy tomatoes with the poppy juicy Glou will take you to Tuscany and beyond.



About the process

To make this wine we assembled 29 small lots that had been vinified separately using various fermentation techniques to make a layered cohesive blend. Most of the lots were fermented with carbonic maceration, a gentle process that helps to keep early-harvest wines from becoming too tannic. After 5-9 days, depending on the lot, we pressed the juice off its skins where they fermented natively in tank. Then, to keep the wine bright and fresh, half of the lots were aged in barrels and half were aged in stainless steel tank. This wine received no additions except for a small amount of sulfur and it was filtered prior to bottling. We do not degas our wines, so it may have a bit of spritz, especially when young.