Rootdown, Rosé of Trousseau

Rootdown, Rosé of Trousseau


Winemaker: Mike Lucia 

Vintage: 2019

Country: USA, California

Appellation: Amador County

Grape: Trousseau

Soil: Igneous and Granitic Alluvia

Farming: Organic

S02: Free So2 <5ppm

Tasting Notes: Peach and raspberry dance lightly on forest floor while a lively acidity plays the tune. 



About the process


We hand-harvest the grapes and then tread them by foot upon arrival at the winery. From here the juice soaks on the skins and stems for 24-hrs before going to the press. The pressed juice is transferred to a stainless steel tank to settle before racking into another tank, leaving only the lightest, fluffy clean lees behind. Fermentation begins spontaneously and then the wine eventually moves to neutral barrels to finish fermenting. Once fermentation is complete, the wine racks back into tank to keep the alcohol down, maintain the wine’s natural aromas, and hold it in a place of reduction for palate texture. The wine is cold-stabilized (to 33 degrees 33 days before going into bottle — Mike’s Rule of 33!), sterile-filtered, and then bottled with less than 10 ppm of free sulfur to maintain the inherent personality of the vineyard.


About the Winemaker


Mike Lucia is no newcomer to the Northern California wine scene. He owns and operates multiple wine brands including Rootdown, Cole Ranch, and Es Okay. His winemaking roots go all the way back to the early 90s, where as a teenager he began working in the cellar. Since then, he's: studied in the Fresno State Enology program, made wine for Copain, Goldeneye, and consulted for brands with similar mentalities. In 2016, Mike "hit the gas pedal" on Rootdown, increasing both the quantity and varieties of wine he made, stopping once he reached 9 wines. His newest venture, Cole Ranch Vineyard & AVA is testing all of his knowledge, as he studies a unique terroir (the smallest AVA in the US!) and pushes to find the best Alpine varietals that will thrive in the location.

Mike's Rootdown label refers to the grassroots of winemaking and the downward influence of the soil on wine, particularly in organic winemaking. Mike has always been more interested in what the vines' roots are drinking, rather than how the sun is interacting directly with the fruit. Rootdown focuses on varietal specific wines from single vineyards that lead with earth and texture, rather than only fruit. Currently, Rootdown is making wines from the more obscure varieties. Yet over the next few years, the brand will begin to focus on Jura-inspired varietals with Cole Ranch as its source.  Stylistically, the wines will continue to be low alcohol, high acid, and with a decidedly hands-off approach, allowing the grapes and specific sites to speak for themselves.