Maturana Winery, Semillon

Maturana Winery, Semillon


Wine Maker: Jose Ignacio Maturana 

Vintage: 2018

Country: Chile, Central Valley

Appellation: Valle de Codigua 

Grapes: Semillon (Parellon)

Farming: Organic

S02: Minimal

Tasting Notes: Herbs and orange zest sprinkled over green pepper, citrus, honey. Good minerality and a hint of smoke



About the process:

Maturana Wines wine's are mostly made under the “Ancestral Method” to produce the wines. They are wines classified as Natural Wines (natural yeast is used, low doses of sulfites only at the time of bottling and with zero intervention or correction of the wine in its vinification). 


The vineyards selected to produce these wines date from the 1900s to 1945, mostly, our focus is to rescue the Patrimonial vines of Chile and achieve different wines and high quality, respecting the origin of these varieties and the producer, paying them the fair price per kilo. from grape.